Friday, December 26, 2008

and it passes......

into the annals of history, yes another family Christmas! It went well and no tears or blood was shed and people were almost happy.

Dinner at Sizzlers was great, it was truly a marvel to watch Travis eat, a dear boy, but my god this tall slim lad could put a Green Bay linebacker to shame when it comes to food intake. It truly an awe inspiring sight to see the food he could inhale. Let's just say that we as a family got our money's worth solely due to Travis, he may be banned from Sizzler's restaurants nation wide after this last effort.

I was happy with my presents, it is interesting what various family members buy me for Christmas, the aspect of my personality they choose to focus upon! For example, my sister indulged me with a 1/2 kilo of Ferrero Roche chocolates which i am still working my way through. She knew she was onto a sure winner there

I am currently enjoying the break and relaxing at home catching up on my reading and hopefully a cycle or two before being back at work on Sunday

Ciao for now.......

Thursday, December 18, 2008

.......And so it begins.........

the low grade anxiety that starts to pool in the pit of my stomach in the week leading up to Christmas. Will everyone be happy and will she behave, she being my grandmother who I love but sometimes don't like when her behaviour is atrocious and abominable as it was last Christmas. I used to wonder, as a child, why my mother would be so tense and irritable leading up to Christmas though she tried to hide it well. It wasn't until I was an adult woman that my mother filled me in on the conflict that she endured every single year of her married life and onwards. After all I was a clueless cossetted child shielded from all the slings and arrows of life. I think of my childhood as Camelot, it truly was that perfect, I have no memory of sadness or tension or anything until my early teens. My god, was I oblivious or what.

Now as Christmas approaches I begin to tense up and gird my loins to endure the day as best I can. Due to my insistence on having dinner out in an air conditioned restaurant we are going out to Sizzlers on the day itself for lunch, hopefully that will encourage good behaviour and manners from all.

I am expecting some fireworks from family members due to the presents I purchased for assorted family members, now most of them will accept these gifts in the vein of humour and community spirit with which it is intended but some are gonna blow up big time. I have bought presents for all family under the age of 10 but the older ones get the community spirited gifts. I have purchased assorted farm animals, their products and tools from Oxfam in order to assist needy communities to become self sufficient. I am delivering these cards explaining these gifts this weekend so I will know by Monday if I have been expunged from my immediate family or not.

Fingers crossed for me.

A friend of mine put the idea in my head, if you are an adult, you buy the stuff you want for yourself when you want it. People give you stuff they think you want or need but let's face it 8 of 10 times, it's nice but not what you really want or need unless you have clearly specified a specific desire for a specific item. This particular friend of mine is quite outspoken about not wanting gifts for birthdays or Christmas and I am happy to oblige. Except for her 40th birthday last year I bought her 40 scratchies, her birthday is in November, she was scratching scratchies for 40 days until almost January of the next year
and it amused her no end and gave me a giggle or two when i would received the odd text crowing about her winning a few dollars on that particular scratchie.

Talk about the gift that gives!

To all my blog readers, I do wish a lovely festive season celebrated however you wish to and that the upcoming year is full of all the things you wish to accomplish, see and do

Take care and Felice Navidad


Sunday, December 14, 2008

The beginning or the end.....

of the week! Being Sunday, I never know when this is my week endeth or its beginning. It's been a lovely weekend. On Saturday I met Alexander James Finch, a lovely little lad of some 3.5 weeks age, the new born son of dear friends Kate and Joel. I was the first person outside immediate family told of his impending arrival simply because Kate was bursting to tell and we had lunch that particular day and she knew that I could keep a secret. I love hearing secrets like that, they are wonderful. I may have chosen to not have children myself but I celebrate and adore newborn children of family and friends, they are wonderful gifts to the world. I cuddled Alex and he obligingly slept happily for the whole time whilst in my arms and its a lovely weight to bear and you do the mummy rock automatically and pat their bottom rhythmically, it is automatic for me despite not having born children of my own.

I worked at Chermside with some of my old crew from when I worked there and other staff from 'round the ridges. It's always a good day and I enjoyed myself!

Tomorrow is another day off and I hope to go for a bike ride somewhere if it is not too hot! Of course always the housework to catch up on but that I will do - might make tomorrow night - clean sheet night depends if the weather cooperates

The books I have been reading have been the Stephenie Meyers "Twilight" series, and surprise to me I have thoroughly enjoyed them, they are a terrific read. I can understand why they are so hugely popular, they have romance, action, appealing characters and terrific scenery described, all very atmospheric!
Will start the last one tomorrow and it will be all done until she writes another!

Adieu for now........

Monday, December 8, 2008

Odds 'n Sods

Saw the movie "Australia" the previous Sunday, normally when a movie is hyped to the extent that Australia is, it means that I automatically don't want to see it! Hyper promotion has the reverse effect intended with me, you want me to see that movie that much, fine I won't!
But persuaded by my mate Wayne, I consented to watch it with him, I was most pleasantly surprised I thoroughly enjoyed it! I laughed, got teary, gasped with the audience at various parts. Its a rollicking good flick and definitely worth the numb bum of 3 hours seating.

I bought an iron on Sunday, jesus, who'd have thought there was so much choice and they all do the same freakin' thing, iron clothes and they all required you there to do that. The choice was wide and prices varied crazily, so as usual, I went middle of the road and bought a Russell Hobbs job, which has a light show indicating the temperature of the iron, about 4 pretty colours in all.

Dixie and I had a lovely time with Jo, Roy, Scruff and Casper out at their new abode in Burpengary. Jo and I went out for coffee and I returned some $250 poorer after clothes shopping. Jo is a woman of style and taste and is honest with her opinion and that's great when you are dithering over clothes as I do and she has a good eye and shoved me in the cubicle with an assortment of things, most of which I purchased. Well my summer wardrobe is sadly depleted as most garments are looking shabby and past it, and I have a few garments that will mix and match so extending their usefulness. Another couple of skirts and another pair of sandals and I am good to go for all occasions.

Spent the day doing housework which leaves me with a good sense of achievement because it's noticeable for a time anyway. Then I shopped for the those things you run out of after a few months like loo paper, toilet cleaner and detergent. I buy large packets of loo paper, I have three toilets in my little townhouse and I usually buy 24 roll packs x 3 for each of them and it lasts ages. But now with Pete living in the house he can look after his own loo!! (Pete is my flatmate)

I am a fan of Febreze, with animals in the house and all this rain, things can get a bit whiffy, but a squirt of Febreze sorts it out and leaves it with a pleasant scent until I get the couch cover washed for another time.

I am at Mitchelton Library for four weeks I started last Saturday, it was a lovely introduction, I had forgotten what a pain interfiling and then retrieving CD's & DVD's is but a small price to pay. It's a lovely library in a lovely location, the staff are terrific and the customers seem to really love their library. I know all the staff and feel happy and relaxed to be there for the duration.

Until next time

Monday, December 1, 2008

Oh my lordy lordy.... where did the time go!

It's the 2nd of December and I feel dizzy and somwhat a little fatigued when I think about all the things on my to-do list before the end of the year descends upon us.

I am in my last week at Carindale before sticking on my acting TL hat at Mitchelton for a month from this coming Saturday. I am really looking forward to this stint as a learning curve and opportunity to develop my Team Leader skills. I have been to Mitchelton today to have the "handover" as such and I start on Saturday, yep it means two Saturdays in a row but I will be rewarded as I will be visiting my dear friends after work Jo & Roy who have their beloved furballs Scruff and Casper who both get along with Dixie and I love having Dixie along too and she gets spoiled rotten there and indulged in all sorts of treats. Jo & Roy have moved to their new place and I have yet to visit them in their new abode, hence the locked in visit this weekend. It takes some doing to get a free weekend where we are both available.

In fact all my weekends are booked up until January now with work and other obligations. Karate training ceases next Thursday for a holiday hiatus, one richly deserved for all the staff at AAMA who work tirelessly to bring the best in our training every week and coax us along when we are staggering about.

Mum has her doctors appointment tomorrow to hear how the radium worked or didn't work so a little anxious about that. So fingers crossed a positive upbeat result is on the cards!

Until next time.....