Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Well I think I have found something I lost a while back...

I think it is referred to as "Christmas Spirit", as most of you know I have had a fairly dim and grim view of Christmas for quite some time.
I took some time to think about why I didn't like Christmas and hadn't done so for a long time and realised that I was allowing other people to colour my view of Christmas due to their past poor behaviour. So I made a point of relaxing and just enjoying being in the moment and, as a consequence, had a thoroughly lovely Christmas day being with various family members and friends that I love very much.
This is a relief to have found my missing Christmas spirit since it will make an annual even far less of a chore and endurance test than it used to be for me. Who knows I might even put a Christmas tree next year or at the very least a wreath on the front door.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Well now it's been awhile....

Almost a year in fact since I last posted on my neglected blog. There has been a few reasons for this neglect but mainly I have not been in the mood to blog because I was struggling with very low energy levels and just couldn't think clearly about anything.

The low energy levels was revealed to be caused by enduring Obstructive Sleep Apnoea for probably many many years of my life. This has been alleviated by the introduction of 'Darth' in my life - a CPAP machine that forces air up into the places it needs to be and ensures I receive a proper nights recuperative sleep. I am experiencing other health issues mainly quite severe joint pain so I will be seeking the skills of a knowledgeable medical professional to enable my body to heal itself.

I am awaiting the offiical notification that I have successfully completed the requirements of my Graduate Diploma in Information Management. I believe I have but until it is in writing I am will remain somewhat anxious about the final results. This gives me the piece of paper that says I can have the job I already have but it also places me in a good position to apply for my dream job of Senior Librarian when it is recruited early in January 2012.

This is assuming that the position is recruited in a straight forward manner, but I suspect the position will be made available for people to transfer at level and I know of one person who would be interested, which would then make the position open at another library which I would apply for and hopefully get but I really truly want to be a part of the new library at Carindale which is going to be something special, so I will truly be on the horns of a dilemma.

These are the two things that are foremost in my mind at the moment, getting my body to sort itself out and let me do the things I want to do like go back to dancing and enjoy more physical activities and getting my head clear about my upcoming application for the impending vacancy mentioned above

Until next time