Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Good news....

I got the role that I had interviewed for. It is the senior librarian role and comes with a fairly significant burden of responsibility, none of which fazes me. However, I am having to learn the art of discretion and diplomacy. The most innocent of remarks can get you in hot water and very very quickly too. I've already had a please explain about some loose comments made outside the "safe zone". Hopefully I won't repeat that mistake again. I have a fairly innocent mind by that I tend to mean what I say without secret hidden meanings behind it and forget that some are suspicious and will seek to laden more meaning than intended to a remark that I make. I suppose that makes me somewhat naive and non-politically savvy. I shall have to live and learn that skill I suspect.

I am really excited about the role and hope that I obtain the skills & experience I need to ensure that I obtain the role permanently in due course.

I am about to resume my studies for Semester 2 and hope I do just as well or better in this upcoming Semester. I think I have a far more clear understanding of what it takes and how to pace myself along to ensure the best outcome barring any unforeseen hiccups.

I enjoy being busy and productive, I guess that's become fairly self evident. I sometimes wonder why, is it because I have no partner or kids to sublimate myself into caring for? Or is it that I am just a happy camper when I am busy doing stuff?

Humph Kitty Flanagan just disparaged author visits at libraries on 7pm project on Channel 10, indicating it's a snooze fest. Hmmm I guess you can't please the ignorant nor the stupid

Until next time ...

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Waiting for news....

is never very much fun! Currently I am awaiting the results of my interview last Wednesday, it is for the role that I am currently acting in and I feel that I have the ability, confidence and nous to really make the role sing for me.

However, whether I conveyed that in the interview remains doubtful. I had the interview with two people who know me very well, both my strengths and weaknesses and I found it hard to perform my song and dance in front of them. If they had been strangers or at least people I don't see very often it would have been easier.

I know that if I don't get the role I will be very very disappointed with myself for a little while, however, I will bounce back for I am resilient and practical about these things in the long run but I will indulge in a royal sulk for about 20 mins or so if I am unsuccessful. I had some formidable competition so I will have to wear the results with good grace etc for the next six months should it not go in my favour.

On another more positive note, I've had a wonderful birthday weekend. The actual birthday itself was terrific, yes I had to work but my workmates spoiled me royally and indulged me with delicious chocolate mudcake. Then I had a stitch 'n bitch night with girlfriends where I was surprised with a lovely gift from a gal I've met once or twice before and knew it was my birthday courtesy of Facebook and gave me a lovely butterfly shaped notepad, twas lovely.

Then it was my birthday lunch, now I've had a phobia about setting up birthday functions in my honour for fear of non-attendance by invited people, but my dear friend Kath, gave me a gentle wake up call by reminding me that I am surrounded by people who love me and would, of course, attend a birthday function in my honour, so thanks Kath, I had a great day. I get strange ideas in my head sometimes and need a rational voice to sort me out.

So I have vowed to have a birthday function of some type every year from now on!

Til next time

Au revoir

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Today is my birthday...

and it's usually a time that I reflect on how blessed and fortunate I am. I usually start with thinking about the fact that I am single, white, western woman who has the independence and as a consequence financial wherewithal to please myself (up to a point), there are many of my sisters who don't and suffer badly for that lack of independence and finances.

Then I think about myself in relation to other people in my life and why they are here with me, family tend to be a given but I choose to be with them and keep in touch with them and I do so for many reasons but number one is because I love them. Then there are my friends, who really are the family you would choose for yourself if you didn't already have a family that you are deeply connected with. I have friendships that I have made long ago and that are still going pretty strong and made ever so much easier with technology, because let's face it without Facebook or other social networking options we would be limited in how many phone calls or texts one would make.

I have new friendships that are proving to be wonderful, fulfilling and interesting and have exposed me to new opportunities and experiences. I have friendships that have been challenging the way I think about things and made me be more accountable for my actions and thoughts. Then there are my colleagues who wherever I may be make my days at work fun and enjoyable and make up a bit of a motley family unit too. Where I am at the moment, we have experienced many sadnesses together and celebrated the highs together, we pull together and work really well. I would have been lost without their support in the last 18 months and they made things so much easier than they may have been otherwise.

All in all I am a very blessed and fortunate person to have many wonderful special people in my life