Thursday, March 19, 2009

Who knew doing so little could be so tiring.....

It has been a while folks, since I last popped a post on my blog but I have been a little busy of late and lacking the discipline to post.

I have been up the coast these last few weeks spending time with mum and giving George her partner and my sister a break from the endless and I do mean endless ferrying to and fro from appointments with assorted medical professionals. Having cancer is quite seriously a full time job, it takes over your whole life and the lives of those close to you who bear the brunt of the fetching and carrying and ferrying about so that you can concentrate on getting through the assorted appointment and getting well.

I have enjoyed being up the coast and being able to be useful, as I have mentioned before I am not much for brow soothing and patting of hands. Give me a mop and broom and I can clean for you, I can cook and I can drive you all around the place wherever you need to be. It has given me quality of time with Mum while driving and sitting in endless waiting rooms to chat about all the ephemeral things.

But doing nothing is hard work, I feel more tired now than after working full time, doing 3 sessions of karate training and a good long cycle. Not just mentally tired but physically tired too. Bizarre but true.

I have been blessed with a great deal of support both overt and subtle, and both gratefully accepted and deeply appreciated. Work has been great with offering leave for as long as needed but still making me feel wanted, friends have been fabulous in offering relief outlets for stress and overloaded emotions. Family have been wonderful in being there and keeping themselves available for assistance when and where needed.

I have always been a simple girl and enjoyed the simple things in life and this whole experience of Mum dealing with cancer has truly stripped away any artifice about what is truly important. Your health, your family and your happiness, everything else is of distant secondary importance.

I am continuing with my studies and the first two assignment due dates are rapidly approaching so I will be doing some serious work this weekend back at my place to get a good grasp on it. I am aiming for a pass don't care for much else.

I will try not to let too much time pass before I post again

Cheers for now