Thursday, September 30, 2010

The End of an Era....

It was a sad end to a busy day yesterday. I swung by my cousin's place to pick up her foster kitten and get the details for caring for her animals while she goes camping with her family for the weekend. I arrived to see young Mitch's sad bereft face and he tearfully informs me that teepee (Cheetah the cat) had died, Cheetah had been around for as long as Shanon and Chris had been together some 16+ years so he was a real acknowledgement of time passing for them. He certainly had been around every day of Mitch's existence on this earthly plane. Cheetah's death I think is the first real bereavement in Mitch's life certainly for something that had been with him in his daily life. So there was a real milestone achieved for him yesterday and he handled it well, he was guided carefully by his mum who knows this pain all too well as she has been through it many times in her life and will go through it many times more before she too departs the earthly plane.

Cheetah was one of those very cool cats for whom nothing fazed him. Dogs were immediately put in their place and requested to respect or suffer the consequences, other cats were subservient to him and humans requested to pat and show affection when it suited. He would always greet me at my car door and chat to me all the way to the inside of the house, where he would make it plain that since I clearly come to visit him, could I make myself useful and feed him please. He will be missed.

When you lose an animal after they have been part of the family for a long time, there is a real sense of bereavement and loss. I get cross when people minimise it by saying "oh well, just get another one" or "it's only an animal". They are part of the family and should be shown the same respect and acknowledged for the love and joy they brought to the family. I still remember all the animals that have passed through the family and left their paw/hoof/claw prints on my heart.

I know when the time comes when each of my three begin their journey over the rainbow bridge where they will wait for me, my heart will break, but it doesn't stop you from enjoying the time you do have with them.

The movie starring Robin Williams "What Dreams May Come" brought me completely undone when the Robin's character is in heaven and the family dog (long passed) comes bounding up to him in full health and happiness. That's what I hope for one day is reunited with all the animals past, present and future that I have loved along with family & friends who have passed on too.

Till next time

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Anniversaries & Celebrations....

Well what a week it was!

Last Monday was the anniversary of Mum's passing and as a precaution I took the week off as I was very unsure how I would be travelling emotionally during the time.

As it turned out being up the coast in the house Mum lived in was hard for my brother and I if we were by ourselves in the house but fine when everyone was there. It triggered lots of memories as we went into the various rooms and a memory would be triggered of the last time with Mum with whatever happened on that occasion.

Being with Dad and Von and Steve was great, Dad was in his element having all his chicks with him, it was bitter sweet as he and Mum used to compete for our attention when we were altogether but now it is just him and no need to compete for our attention. He cooked dinner and fussed around us all. It was great

The scattering of the ashes was done on a beautiful day and I think it was as Mum would have wished. I felt a bit less loaded down with emotion as I rather dreading the whole thing but I was actually quite unemotional about it all during the whole event.

Steve did a beautiful thing of buying a dwarf lemon tree for me and lime tree for my Aunty P (mum's sister) and potting them up in a pretty pot with a little gnome and some of Mum's ashes. It was a very sweet thing to do but with my history of brown thumbs and dead plants, the pressure is on to keep this one thriving.

The week up the coast was ended on a lovely note, with a terrific engagement party hosted by my Aunty L (Dad's sister) who lives on a picturesque property with views to die for. The city folk amongst us all really enjoyed looking at the view of rolling hills, lush green trees dotted with cows and horses.

The family as a whole are so very excited to have a wedding to look forward too as my brother's fiance is a big hit with everyone, she is a darling sweetheart and universally loved by us all which is rather a magnificent feat as we are not predisposed to universally liking an individual, there are usually factions for and against an interloper (in-law to be)

I am terribly excited about the wedding and am very much looking forward to it and am looking to have a frock made up as the current dress fashions are leaving me a bit ho hum. I have a dress in mind and hopefully a dressmaker can bring it to life for me.

This week has really brought home to me that families however they are constructed - whether they are your family or friends you have claimed as family -are so very important. I have really enjoyed reconnecting with far flung relatives and old family friends this week.

Till next time...........