Tuesday, June 15, 2010


It has been awhile hasn't it. It seems a lot of bloggers I know have been a little slack in the posting department but it seems to be a busy time of year.

I've been thinking about happiness and what it is for me. Happiness to me is finding something every day that makes smile, giggle, guffaw or shriek out loud with laughter. Now those of you who know me, know that I have not a delicate tinkling laugh, no, there isn't anything remotely resembling delicate about me. I have a raucous laugh and I am proud of it, it identifies me very well. People frequently hear me before they see me and are often smiling before they find me. This is good I like to share my happiness in the ridiculous. I take pleasure that I make my colleagues giggle or laugh everyday even when they often haven't a clue what they are smiling or laughing about except that I am doing it. It brings an energy and uplifts the atmosphere. When I do storytime I am in there unleashing my inner child, dancing and laughing and using silly voices.

When I am doing the morning money, the music is on and up loud and I am singing, which has people laughing and grinning when they arrive to work, because my singing voice has to be heard to be believed it is so bad, but frankly, I don't care.

It is not to say that I don't have sad, quiet or blue days but I am blessed that they are few and far between and that I am not cursed with clinical depression which strikes a few of my nearest and dearest friends and family regularly and they have to fight tooth and nail to flog the black beast back down to size.

I think that being happy and sharing my happiness in everyday life is a gift I am blessed with and it is my obligation to share that positive energy and make the people around me enjoy the moment or the day or however my positive impact may last.

If I start the day happy then it cannot be a very bad day because I am already on top of the happiness heap.........