Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Well's been quite a while

Look what I found while noodling around dusty old blog!
It would seem it has been precisely an entire year since my last post, perhaps I should commit to merely posting on an annual basis for it seems that is my natural pattern.

Looking at my last post I can say that yes I achieved the goal of my dream job and what a year it has been since I formally started in the role, I have been very busy and challenged and learned things about myself that I both liked and disliked.  It has been rather an exhausting year and this week I think I have hit the wall in terms of energy and inspiration and am listening to my body and having some quiet time scheduled in for myself next weekend.

This is the time of year where we reflect upon the year just passed and think about the new year coming.  I am not a fan of New Year resolutions as I feel they are a means of setting yourself up for failure and are generally too broad and sweeping to be of any value.  I am a fan of setting achievable goals and working towards them.  I have been busy at work this year and have been working at consolidating my role and understanding the parameters and carving out my niche but I have not had a goal this year and have felt a little adrift as a result.

The things I wish to do in the new year of 2013 are as follows:-

1. Plan and pay for a holiday, most likely a cruise of some description, I am extremely good at paying things off but utterly rubbish at saving for things, it would seem I need the whip of debt hanging around my neck to motivate me for if I have disposable income within my reach my overwhelming urge is to dispose of it quickly.

2. I want to learn something new, I am a big believer of life long learning and it is a cornerstone of my role at work and it is a natural fit for me.  I love the quote attributed to Dorothy Parker - Curiosity is the cure for boredom, there is no cure for curiosity.  What that something will be is unknown but I also believe when the student needs it, the teacher appears or something to that effect.

3. I want to resume cycling as a sport and recreation for me.  My poor old bicycle is gathering dust in the garage and languishing for lack of use.  I have avoided activity for a long while due to fatigue issues and painful sore joints but I have realised that this is creating a vicious cycle of stiffness - pain - no activity - more stiffness - more pain etc. I am better when I move steadily and calmly and regularly and when you do something you enjoy well the endorphins released take care of most of the pain.

4. Lastly I want to educate myself about my finances, I don't like thinking about money and it's various associated activities, in fact, it makes me very anxious and nauseated just thinking about it.  I have no problems paying bills and using my money but I know I waste it and I don't use my income to the best of its ability.
I want to use my Simple Savings membership to its full capacity and get myself organised so I am no longer stressed by the unexpected white good failure or sick animals requiring vet bills.  So I am going to structure a budget for myself and plan my expenditure as far as I am able to.  I know it is not the done thing talking about money but I like talking about it and hearing how people make economies and stretch a dollar into two.  I don't want to know about income levels or anything personal about quantities of money but techniques and recommendations about budgeting, savings etc.

These I feel are achievable and measurable goals with defined outcomes and I believe I can manage these without being overwhelmed and giving up.

PS I will probably post a little more frequently now that I have dusted off my blog but I won't make promises that I cannot be sure to keep