Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The countdown begins.....

for my holidays to start. As is my usual wont I am taking a large chunk of time off as I feel holidays should be long and lengthy to really decompress and relax and be ready to hit the ground running for when you return to your normal daily grind.

I will be spending lots of time with my mum naturally, who lives up the coast and I hope the weather will not be cyclonic as it was last time and I can out and about on Goldie (my bike) and go for long walks with Bonny (the dog) and keep my fitness levels up which are sadlly declining in reality. My efforts at Karate and keeping my fitness have been sporadic at best and appalling at worst. I will also have a peruse on Wotif and see if there is a bargain to be snaffled for a few days in a hotel to spoil myself.

I will be doing lots of reading, relaxing, sitting on the beach (I prefer beaches in winter) and just smelling the roses. I usually do some big household jobs on holidays like turning out the pantry and clearing out the garage.

The time will pass altogether too quickly as holidays do but I shall feel refreshed and happy to return to work. Also I have the PINK concert to look forward to whilst on holidays, I have not been to a concert for many many years and am surprisingly excited about attending this one.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Downsizing, minimizing and offloading

What a liberating feeling it is to get rid of stuff that you don't use and can be used elsewhere by other good people.
After deliberating long and hard I have ordered a new lounge suite to be delivered in a few months, in no rush, as it allows me time to get rid of the other sofa, which as it happens has happened rather sooner than expected but no problem, there are chairs to sit on. The most put out in the household over the lack of a lounge will be the animals as they are the usual occupants.

The best thing that has happened over the weekend is the installation of my set top box which has been sitting patiently on top of the TV awaiting installation for almost two years. I kid you not, it makes me laugh as I am considered rather technically minded and savvy with electronics at work but am completely defeated at home by something as relatively simple as installing a set top box. The reception on the TV has gone from very ordinary to absolutely pristine and crystal clear, my flatmate was convinced I had lashed out and bought a new TV.

This imminent installation then created a mess with me trying to figure out what cords belonged to what equipment ie DVD, Set top Box, TV etc, so with a ruthlessness unusual to Cancerians I got rid of the speakers and the stereo underneath that hasn't seen the light of day for years and gave them to my cousin who will give them new life on their deck/verandah. A side note to the mess of cords, I have now labelled the switches indicating which is plugged into each socket. Is that bordering on being too anal?

Another cousin is taking possession of a TV I won earlier this year and was sitting in my bedroom. Now I have never approved of TV's in bedrooms, I believe it to be unhealthy and a distraction especially for couples. I feel so much happier now that it is out of my bedroom and going to someone who will actually use it. I think I had switched it on a total of maybe 3 times.

Back to the sofa, a conversation with a workmate on Sunday has me rid of my sofa this week which will necessitate a few weeks sitting on office chairs when watching TV, which is not a big deal because neither myself or my flatmate are big TV addicts. We may watch a collective total of about 4 hours TV a week.

I was mooching around IKEA this morning after donating plasma, probably not a good idea because I felt a bit light headed but I have my eye on some nice furniture to freshen up the lounge room and finally have it how I really want it. I prefer the minimalist look, uncluttered and clean, though I do bemoan the lack of shelving and display space for a few photos and a couple of treasured knick knacks.

That's the problem with one new piece of furniture it creates a desire to carry on and get new stuff all over but I believe I am being restrained in my desire, it is strictly a coffee table I want and a TV cabinet/sideboard I need and then I will be done.

I have become very conscious of my "want versus need" drive, which is why I have off loaded unneeded possessions lately. I sold my electric bike and the lady is having a delightful time riding it around and about her place. I have given away my sofa and old stereo/speakers and the TV to people who will give them a new life and use them well. All things I don't need.

I feel weighed down when I have a lot of stuff and it creates a drive for more stuff, at least in me it does. I feel liberated when I give stuff away and lighter in heart and spirit when I am minimising my possessions.

Miss K, thank you for my award, however I had "login failed" each time despite a number of attempts so I have posted it to my Facebook account.

Cheers for now