Sunday, April 19, 2009

An innate talent I would love to have.....

would be one of the following three abilities

1. I would love to be able to sing, just open my mouth and stun the audience with my beautiful singing voice just as Susan Boyle has done on Britain's Got Talent. I just watched the episode via Youtube and it was beautiful. I have been listening to a lot of music of late as it soothes my soul - in particular Anne Murray and Eva Cassidy. These are ladies with magic talent, truly blessed with a beautiful voice.

2. I have always wished to draw, be able to reproduce something that I looked at via an artististic medium, in particular, charcoal. I think this has something to do with the serial - Young and the Restless - for many years, the opening sequences showed the characters of the serial rendered in charcoal and I always envied the artist responsible their talent. Pen and ink is also another preferred medium. I have long yearned for a tasteful nude rendered in pen & ink or charcoal - a nude laying sideways away from the viewer, so you see the long line of the back flowing through the buttocks and legs. One day I will have that artwork framed and mounted on my bedroom wall.

3. I have always wanted to sew, just be able to whip up an outfit or lingerie or something for the house without a second thought. I have long admired friends who have shown me stunning quilts, or gorgeous knits or outfits they have created and I have been pea green with envy.

Now I am well aware that all of the above are learned skills with only a modicum of talent needed to be able to produce something of note. With the exception of singing I have tried to learn how to sew but to no avail and though I can crochet a basic stitch and make rugs of which I have made many, knitting currently escapes me. My drawing skills make me a very lousy pictionary partner, you want to lose at pictionary, well I am your gal.

I will drag out the crochet projects that have been languishing since last winter shortly now that the weather is getting cooler, as I feel guilty watching TV/DVD's unless I am also doing a puzzle or crochet at the same time.

I also yearn for gardening talent, it was rather alarming, when I first moved into my beloved abode. that friends and family lavished gorgeous plants upon me as house warming gifts. I always felt the compulsion to apologise to the plant in question for the lousy home it had been bequeathed to. One and all eventually curled up their leaves and died on me. Not through lack of any kind just don't have the knack for nurturing plants. My beloved cousin Shanon has the green thumb in abundance, so to feel less like a brownie (someone who doesn't have a green thumb) I bequeathed all remaining languishing plants to her and they have thrived and bloomed under her tender auspices. My garden lives on the Darwin promise - only the strong shall survive and unfortunately it looks just like that. I need a Jamie Durie to come and Jamie Durie my back yard, or Graham Ross from Better Homes and Garden - not fussy - just someone with ideas and panache to tell me what I need.

So if you have a talent for the above you are cordially invited to do something in my backyard!

Cheers for now

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Routine is good....

I am back from the coast for the moment! Settled happily back into work and beavering away happily at the usual stuff I do.

The big news for me to process is that Mum's cancer is classed now as TERMINAL - which brings to mind, buses, trains and planes, just the connection my brain makes. I wish her cancer would board said bus, train and plane and go far far far away. It is not a shock to me, in my mind I knew this to be probable but in my heart, the news broke it in to two pieces. However having said this Mum is in reasonable good health and spiritis. My brother and grandad are visiting at present and keeping her company. My brother went home yesterday and grandad will depart after Easter some time.

I am just biding my time for when I am needed, I have leave planned for June.

On brighter notes, I went for a great ride yesterday through the delights of Manly and successfully dragged my flatmate Peter along after threatening to charge his bike rent for taking up space in my garage unless he started to ride it. Peter and other friends all enjoyed themselves and being out in the fresh air does wonders for the bruised spirit and tired mind.

Karate has inadvertently taken a backseat but I will refocus on it at a later date, in the meantime, take classes where and when feasible. I've also withdrawn from study at present, I was kidding myself, thinking I could manage with everything else going on. So my life's plan has taken a slight detour and the timeframe for all my big goals has lengthened somewhat but never mind I will get there in the end.

Always a happier day today ....