Saturday, January 16, 2010

Busy Busy Busy...............

At the time of writing I am just returned from an 80th Birthday Party celebration of a neighbour from Cooroy - this woman is just amazing, her lust & verve for life is insatiable. Every day to her is a gift to be explored and used and enjoyed to the nth degree. She just wrings every precious second out to the end. The common refrain from friends, neighbours and family was " I wish I had half her energy right now let alone at 80" or "Joanie's amazing, I wish I had the energy" and other similar statements.
This got me thinking, this is a woman whose life has been interesting and full of adventures, but not because she is a particular beauty, particularly gifted, or blessed with any other rare or special traits. She has a fair ear for playing music and a reasonable singing voice, but again, nothing particular outstanding.
I think her secret to an interesting and adventurous life is that she is always on the lookout for things to do and opportunities to do them in. Now she loves to be the centre of attention and thrives on being the life and noise of a gathering. You always know when Joanie's around.

She is very involved in her community and has many a clipping with her name in the headline involved in one community activity or another, mainly to do with Pony Club & Active Riders Association.

She annoys people because she is so loud and sometimes she doesn't know when to pipe down and can seem obnoxious on occasions, but who among us is without fault.

Her life is not without tragedy or great sadness but nothing gets her down for too long. She is the only remaining child from a family of twelve kids. I think her secret is her resilience and innate positive nature. She takes joy from anything and everything around her. Her cackling laughter is contagious and her quick wit is delightful.

She, in fact, taught me to swear fluently and fluidly without repeating myself for a solid six minutes. Sadly I have rather lost the knack for it and tend to repetition to some favourite swear phrases.

I wonder what sort of life I shall have had by the time I reach 80, I know it won't be full of family to the extent of Joan as she was from a very large family. But I am hopeful it will be with people who are important to me both family and friends. Particularly, as friends are the family you choose yourself.

It is exciting to think what the future will hold for me and my beloved ones both friends & family. I shall rejoice and live a little more in the moment to be sure that I wrest as much from each day as Joanie does.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I'm excited................

The tone for this year has been well and truly set - my darling brother announced his engagement to his long time love on January 3rd and it has been an absolute boon to the family after our bereavement of last year. As my brother said it feels good to be happy!

It is not to diminish our grief because it is still everpresent but perhaps it is retreating a little to a softer more gentler place where the memories are easier and don't bite so hard into one's heart. Time is doing what time does best - softening the edges ever so gently.

They are both very clucky so babies won't be too far behind the horse and carriage caper and of course there will be a new Mrs Baillie in the family and that is just simply fabulous.

I have been enthusiastically planning my goals and aspirations for this year and had a massive boost to my self confidence by my supervisor and upper management who saw fit to entrust me with the managing of my branch for a couple of months. I have really enjoyed extending myself and problem solving and managing staff. Yeah there are things that are irritating & aggravating but it doesn't last long and for the most part I am loving it, learning processes and methods and nitty gritty of paperwork.

I have just two goals this year which are to get through my study load comfortably and keep steadily progressing through my karate modules.

Other things I want to factor in are

1. Sunday afternoon board game sessions - I have been somewhat obsessive of late buying board & card games - 12 at last count. I really love playing them and want to set up & host sessions for friends to come over and have a session

2. Sunday afternoon knit & bitch sessions - I want to learn and practice my knitting - I believe if you have good fine motor skills, it keeps you in good stead in fighting off the ravages of time

3. Also slotting in regular cycling jaunts too - my aim is to be well conditioned & feeling fit & flexible - so I don't groan when i bend over to shelve or pick up stuff.

4. Also am going to do more nifty weekends away and see a few places - starting with a quick weekend in Sydney at the end of February to celebrate my brother's birthday and check out their new abode in Marrickville which is a suburb I am unfamiliar with but am promisd it is a treasure trove of groovy cafes and nooks and crannies to explore.

So I will be ruthlessly planning my time for study, work and fun to ensure I am well balanced & content. However, as my sister has said, Sis, you are never happier than when you are insanely busy and got a deadline to hit.

I think that is enough to be going on with for now